Single Minute Exchange of…. Simulation #WILTW

This is the 184th #WILTW I am wary of citing business examples as a means of improving healthcare processes, however it’s always useful to look at something with a different frame. One of our non-executive directors, who has a background in industry, highlighted “Single Minute Exchange of Die (SMED)” to me after a talk I delivered … Continue reading Single Minute Exchange of…. Simulation #WILTW

What I learnt this week: The real value of simulation #WILTW

This is the 33rd #WILTW A few weeks ago we ran a simulation day for the doctors and nurses in our department. It was successful (in terms of perceived value) and hopefully over time we will be able to demonstrate “outcome” based improvement. One of my favourite quotes from the day was: “I’ve learnt a … Continue reading What I learnt this week: The real value of simulation #WILTW

Resuscitation Communication: Text or Twitter? #WILTW

This is the 178th #WILTW One of the joys of being involved in our simulation programme is the constant stimulus to improve your own practice, especially in the grey area of leadership and communication The critically ill child poses a logistical dilemma. There are various body systems that simultaneously need attention: the airway, the circulation, the … Continue reading Resuscitation Communication: Text or Twitter? #WILTW

The ingredients of a great conference #WILTW

This is the 172nd #WILTW I am returning from the inaugural “Don’t Forget the Bubbles” conference (#DFTB17). Devised by the team who host the website of the same name, this three day paediatric conference held in Brisbane delivered humour, tears and great education in equal measure. There is always a danger of eulogising the impact … Continue reading The ingredients of a great conference #WILTW

Feel the fear #WILTW

This is the 169th #WILTW Luke has just started a new job in the Emergency Department. As a foundation trainee he is at the beginning of his medical career. Enthusiastic and conscientious at medical school, he’d spent 5 years excitedly waiting for the moment he’d be able to call himself a doctor. His training in … Continue reading Feel the fear #WILTW

#WILTW 0-100

The background to What I learnt this week can be found by clicking here: A list of previous #WILTW (0-100) Who are unprofessional professionals? Should we stop making the complex simple? Is your powerpoint slide teaching or are you? Everything worth fighting for unbalances your life Quality improvement as a clinical skill The dilemma of the last patient … Continue reading #WILTW 0-100

How did you not see that? #WILTW

This is the 159th #WILTW You don’t need to have any medical expertise to spot the abnormality in this CT Scan If it took you a bit of time, don’t worry. Not an insignificant number of experienced radiologists missed the gorilla in the top right corner too. While these cognitive games are good fun there … Continue reading How did you not see that? #WILTW