All good things…. #WILTW

This is the 189th #WILTW

and the last.

For a while now #WILTW has become a chore rather than a useful activity. I am suspicious this has been reflected in the quality of the posts and aware the initial purpose of this initiative was not to serve others but as a marker in the sand for my own professional development. It took me too long to realise that the act of undertaking the blog had become more important than the content itself. With a heavy heart I’ve decided not to continue with the weekly postings.

189 seems like a odd number to stop on. I looked for some relationship with a special date and couldn’t find one (it’s not even a prime number!) but perhaps looking for significance in everything isn’t particular healthy. One of the issues I’ve had is that it’s actually difficult to learn something new every week. Jill Beech recognised shortly after I started #WILTW that #WIROTW (reflected on) would probably have been a more accurate title. But what have a I learnt through doing this for nearly 4 years?

Well finding time to reflect on things is important. It will be vital I don’t fill up the time taken on writing #WILTW with new things. Mindless activity would be ok but the discipline of taking the time to look back I think has been very beneficial.

Also common things are common. I suspect I annoy some by repetitively linking back to old posts. I do this because so much of what I have previously written continues to seem relevant. It’s as much a reminder to me to not forget a train of thought or lightbulb moment, as it is to remind others.

But I think most importantly I have learnt how generous people are. WILTW is not a popular blog, many posts struggled to get over 100 views, but some of the feedback I have received has deeply moved me.

I try to make it my practice to share others work that speaks to me. Not just a retweet or a like, but a personal acknowledgement. We live in a world where there is always something happening. News is bigger and bigger business with our phones being continuous feed of the most popular viral video of the moment.  It is easy to lose sense of the impact you have on others and and therefore vital that you let other people know when you have been touched by them.

Thank you for reading – I’ll be back but just in different formats.

What have you learnt this week? #WILTW

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4 thoughts on “All good things…. #WILTW”

  1. I’ll miss your missives but salute your staying power. Your blog inspired me to try, I managed one!

    I have enjoyed reading your thoughts and it is always comforting to see people encountering the same issues in other centres and roles. Most of all I shall miss the shoe-horning of Star Wars into various different topics. Something we should all aspire to do more of.

    I think that last point is a somewhat mixed legacy.

  2. Thank you Damian for all of your #WILTW, I was a late comer in finding your blog but have gained much from your reflections that have made me stop and think.

    The ability to look inwards at ones own practice is not always easy. Since reading your blog I have found this has become easier and I believe I have become a better practitioner from it, so once again …. Thanks

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