An introduction to Quality (for Improvement)

I recently presented at the RCPCH Clinical Tutors event on the theme of Quality Improvement. I was doing an introductory talk while colleagues Jane Runnacles and Bob Klaber provided advice for those with more experience.

I was asked by the college to place the presentation on the college tutors website but I felt the collection of pictures and minimal text wouldn’t be much use to those not at the talk therefore I have quickly done a video-cast of the presentation. I have edited some of the content and wasn’t able to embed some of the videos but have supplied links for them.

I am by no means an expert on quality improvement but have some credibility in a few projects I have been involved in. The links to the journals I mention are below:

Paediatric Trainees and the Quality Improvement Agenda: Don’t just do another audit

Delivering Quality Improvement: The need to believe it is necessary

but I also recommend you have a look at the Archives of Disease of Childhood EQUIP series which starts with a brilliant introduction to Quality Improvement in Paediatrics and Child Health

As always feel free to comment and question!

The video cast is below

and here is the original slide-set:

and the links



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