Compassion in Emergency Care: More than a cup of coffee?

As part of series of interviews with my consultant colleagues I have been chatting to Dr. Pro Mukherjee. Pro is an avid advocate of compassion in healthcare and shared with me a great example of how powerful re-framing your view of something can be.

“Compassion” is a word of the movement. But do we really understand its context in healthcare?


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2 thoughts on “Compassion in Emergency Care: More than a cup of coffee?”

  1. That’s a great conversation. Very interesting that you mention the Francis report, we had Peter Watkin Jones from teh Inquiry speak at our Scrutiny conference, and it was amazing how many of his points related not just to compassion, but also how it was wider than just for the health profession – it’s something that needs to be central to all public services.

    Great blog!

    – Dyfrig

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