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Dependant on your source Jugaad is a colloquial Hindi word which implies a work-a-round solution to a problem. Its direct translation is ‘machinery’ but in management vocabulary it describes cheap resources which solve complicated issues. It was used in the context of ‘frugal innovation’ in a blog linked to by Roy Lilley this week. The Jugaad approach cited as a mechanism to help the NHS in this difficult period.

No immediate cash injection into the healthcare system looks likely at present. An even if it was suddenly to occur it wouldn’t solve those inefficiencies, bureaucracies and productivity challenges which are not directly amenable to financial resolution.

It is very easy to develop learnt helplessness during these challenging times:

There is nothing that can be done, or nothing I can do, so I will continue to do nothing.”

I think this phenomena plagues healthcare more than we care to admit. Having said we have strong notions of productivity and I think pride ourselves on attempting frugal innovation where possible.

There is a delicate balance here – the concept of Jugaad could easily become part of management ‘bingo’ and certainly won’t solve some of the more wicked problems we have in healthcare. Conversely falling into a cycle of despair helps no one.

I have tried where possible with #WILTW to reflect and learn with tangible solutions. I have no immediate answers this week however if there is one thing that may well keep the  balance, it is the healthcare staff themselves…. (click here if video below doesn’t play)

What have you learnt this week? #WILTW

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