A Mental Health 5-a-day #WILTW

This is the 141st #WILTW

The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health have just launched their State of Child Health report. A list of 25 measures which highlights, amongst many uncomfortable findings, that 1 in 5 children live in poverty in the UK. A broad range of recommendations were made, including specific mental health training for child health professionals (half of adult mental health problems in the UK start before the age of 14)

One of the authors of the report tweeted:

The idea intrigued me, not only for my patients, but for myself. The concept has previously been encapsulated in the “Five Ways to Mental Wellbeing”  and a charity called mindapples are crowdsourcing suggestions.

I wondered what my 5-a-day would be? Having been knocked by some critical feedback this week, which was strong in tone but not completely undeserved, I was taken by how much of my time it occupied in comparison to other events. The following fell out of this.

Check-In: Let someone else know how you are feeling. This is a little awkward to write and I am sure certainly more awkward to do.

Check-Out: End your working day at a defined point.

Reflect: Or more precisely have some time to reflect on what you have done in the day and how that has affected your emotional resilience…

Keep Balance: …but be aware that spending all your time reflecting isn’t healthy either.

Maintain Perspective: The things that challenge you the most can become so much of  focus that it’s not possible to overcome anything. The perception of positivity in others, a virtual concept in our current generation, can exacerbate this feeling.

The official collection of 5 activities aren’t too dissimilar but the challenge with either is their implementation as a habit and not a hypothesis…

What have you learnt this week? #WILTW

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via Alex Tambourides https://hammersmithfulhamforum.com/2014/11/03/alex-tambourides-everybody-has-mental-health-lets-look-after-it/



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