Paediatric Emergencies Conference: Top 10 papers 2013-15

I was asked to do a short session at Paediatric Emergencies 2015 (14th October) on the top ten papers over the last 2 years (seems like it was the week for this type of review!).

It was an interesting challenge to define ‘top’ and I took a pragmatic approach of reviewing and then checking my long list against the most cited articles on web of science (using pediatric* OR paediatric* AND emergenc* in the MESH and topic headings).

What resulted was 30 articles:

Chosen Papers

The top 10 were chosen on the basis of interest and future potential to change practice. I’m happy to be challenged and more than willing to accept further suggestions 🙂

(please click on the box itself to go to the abstracts and the link below it for my thoughts on the paper and reasons for inclusion)

Fever and Sepsis






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