Practice what you preach or Preach what you practice? #WILTW

This is the 145th #WILTW

Social Media gives you unfettered access to the foibles of humanity.  At its best it empowers those who find it difficult to have a voice, and translates learning across boundaries  which are difficult to cross. At its worse it turns complex debate into a single argument shared by only those who have the same view. It also, more subtly, hides the real values and behaviours of individuals behind a veneer of choreographed photographs and  theatrical text.

It is all too easy to write a statement in 140 characters that is noble and bold.

Do we act out what we ‘preach’ in the real world and does it really matter if we don’t? I’m reminded that I originally joined twitter to expand my research interests. While I’m convinced I’ve benefitted in other ways, being able to discuss and debate the academic work I undertake remains a primary purpose.  I suppose in this context I am preaching about what I practice.

It would be an odd world if you weren’t able to highlight your ideals so being able to justify everything about who you say you are is neither laudable or achievable. However it is maybe worth thinking twice about whether you are sharing your practice, or your preach…

What have you learnt this week? #WILTW

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