“Text, Slides and Videotape”: #SMACCGold Workshop Pre-reading

The pre-conference workshops for #SMACCGOLD represent an opportunity for delegates to gain additional skills direct from some of the conference speakers

The Education Workshop contains a short session on “Text, Slides and Videotape” hosted by yours truly. The aim of this session is to aid delegates use of audio-visual tools to maximise the impact of their teaching. There will be lean towards the use of video as resources on other medium are easily found elsewhere (and its the area in which the greatest gains for least effort can be made IMHO)

I will also be offering an individual feedback session on videos/pictures used in teaching/assessment for attendees. Please send me your cases in advance (secure if needs be) and I’ll touch base at #SMACC. There might be a prize for the best use of audiovisual material for teaching….

It would be worthwhile for all participants to have a look at the following: (more will follow in the new year)


Education by Video 

P (cubed) A blog on Presentation Skills by Ross Fisher 

A literature review of Patient Video Cases (only for the seriously interested!)

ABC of learning and teaching in medicine

Tasks (these are not obligatory but will help inform the workshop)

1) Please register on www.spottingthesickchild.com (you’d don’t need to have any paediatric experience. This is to demonstrate videos in education. Orientate yourself to the site and then please go to

My waiting room > Patient Stories > Difficulty Breathing > Case 1

I’d like to start a discussion about this google + site.

2) I have added a test video to my vimeo site. It is password protected as the consent for this film means is only available to health care professionals. If you need a password please find it on the SMACC Education Google Discussion group or e-mail me on damianroland@me.com

Look forward to seeing you in 2014!

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    1. Maybe should have given you a heads up Ross. Trying to bring together resources that aid teaching (and assessment) from a presentational perspective. Your blog is very useful in this regard. Further thoughts always welcome 🙂

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