Tips on chairing webexes and conference calls

Inspired by this tweet I set about collating some of my experiences of conference calls and webexes.

I recommend watching this video first to set the scene

The summary of my video cast is distilled into these six points

1. Practicalities – a reminder of difference between calls that are simply multi-person phone conversations and those that are facilitated online conversations including ability to see presentations and documents.

2. Preparation – as with all meetings setting an agenda is key but also remember to confirm functionality of dial-in numbers.

3. Participants – be aware of the ‘newbie’ and provide as much pre-event advice as possible.

4. Procedures – be as clear as possible about the structure of meeting at the outset.

5. Punctuality – you may need to more directive than is normal as this is an environment where body language is impossible to read.

6. Pitfalls – make sure everyone is muted –  but remind them to unmute when speaking!

I recorded in one take so it’s not amazingly fluid but I would really welcome feedback on all the points I have missed!

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