What I learnt this week: Changing your perspective on time allows time to give you perspective on change #WILTW

This is the 29th #WILTW

You can’t see the wood from the trees

This is a funny expression and one that makes little sense if you spend too long looking at the phrase’s actual construction. It does seem to ring true though. This week our Children’s Emergency Medicine Research group (PEMLA) reviewed its progress over the last year. It has not been ground-breaking: we can’t list Lancet publications, multi-million pound grants or a host of awards. But we have clearly moved fowards. Academic output has increased, we have establishing greater networks and there is an enthusiasm to continue and complete our current projects.


Creating space to review things over a set time period is incredibly useful. On a day-to-day basis I seem to be more likely to receive negative, rather than positive, news. Another grant application rejected, paper needing significant alterations, further delay with governance approval etc. I feel sometimes as if there is no movement forward. Everything is like wading through treacle – my steam roller analogy for NHS Change Day springs to mind. The NHS gets there in the end but is does so really slowly, squashing things along the way and seeming unable to change to direction.

We live ‘in the minute’ at the moment. The instant connection with mobile technology makes everthing happen ‘now’. Always busy and always something to do, and often hearing about others peoples success. Social Media creating a paradigm where you see everyone ‘else’ achieving something without realising you are probably doing exactly the same – except you aren’t taking the time to think about. As we reach the years end and the inevitable reflection on what 2015 might bring it is worth taking some time to think about 2014. Not in comparison to what others have done, but with yourself and what your personal objectives may have been. It’s likely to be time well spent.

What have you learnt this week? #WILTW

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