What I learnt this week: Feel the fear and do it anyway #WILTW

The ninth #WILTW post

I recently visited the Wellcome Trust exhibition: “an idiosyncratic A to Z of the human condition“. I thoroughly recommend it as, not only is it free, but it does really get you thinking about different mindsets and idiologies. I was struck by this particular exhibit


I would not generally think of myself as someone who is afraid to do things but it was interesting that I thought of many fears I would like to put in the bin. My transition to being a consultant has generated a great deal of self-reflection and I hope self-efficacy (thanks to Helen Bevan for highlighting the difference)



Actually there are many things I have been afraid to do – but by not recognising them as fears I have not challenged them. Hoping the rubbish bin approach will help me be more honest in future!

What did you learn this week? #WILTW

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