What I learnt this week: Good “Leadership” is tangibly unrewarding but ultimately fulfilling #WILTW

This is the 23rd #WILTW

I have to admit that this isn’t really new learning, more of a confirmation of something I have suspected for a long time. The trigger for this blog has been seeing a few small projects come to fruition, which I have initiated, but not really been part of the process or eventual outcome. It’s very satisfying seeing this happen despite the fact that you get no credit for it. In fact it is interesting; the things that I am probably most proud of having delivered are things in which I get virtually no recognition at all.

This is a timely observation given the Health Service Journals hunt for the next “Rising Star”. I am conflicted as I was an inaugural winner. I’ll be honest, I was quite chuffed to have been nominated and it was nice to go to an event in London. It was at the event itself that I become uneasy. I sat with a number of very impressive characters, some of whom who have had significant impact at a national level, and thought to myself “What have I really delivered to be here?” I don’t doubt I have been part of a few projects which have had a larger-than-life profile but what can I say that I’ve individually done that has really inspired others to deliver significant change? I realised then that true leadership is really about fostering others to deliver on important initiatives. The fact that you are recognised probably means that you are still required to guide the process. What you really need to happen is for you to trigger a sequence of events that becomes independent of you. Now that is something that is truly fulfilling..

What have you learnt this week? #WILTW

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