What I learnt this week: Patience can be the cruelest of virtues

This is the 41st #WILTW

There is some irony to the fact this #WILTW is a little late. It’s been a long term ambition of mine to use a video of a patient, with consent to be shown to anyone, as a #FOAMed resource. The project has finally come to fruition but obtaining the footage, editing, formatting, reconfiguring this website etc. has meant it has been a lengthy process. Given it’s needed to happen with other projects with clear timelines has meant it was never going to be a priority. I was hoping it would be a novel and unique contribution to the FOAM concept. Last year however the reeldx team started doing something very similar, with greater quality and much greater scale. It’s not a race or a competition but I’ll be honest in admitting I thought, “wish I had prioritised that.”

This week also sees the launch of my REMIT project, the educational ‘outcome’ of my PhD. This has also been a long term endeavour, fitted around finishing training, starting a new consultant job and trying to create a research strategy. When first imagined, I had hoped it would be cutting edge. Having spent years breaking down barriers of resistant video technologies and obtaining endorsements the rest of the online educational community has definitely caught up.


I feel perhaps patience hasn’t really paid off. Waiting for things to fall into place and thinking, “it’ll get there in the end” has allowed so much time to pass that more iterations of work are needed. Have I just demonstrated poor time management? Although I am not sure what else I could have substituted so perhaps it is just bad prioritisation!  I suppose it is more the frustrating as patience is something I have been trying to develop. Rather than a shot-gun approach to tasks and overwhelming frustration that nothing gets done taking the long view has been a personal development aim of mine.

I then reflect on the only person who is really frustrated is me. No system or process has been affected. It is only my personal ambition that has been bruised. And it’s not really a big bruise at that. While researching this blog I found the following anonymous quote:

Patience is both the love of action and inaction

Not quite sure this quite fits for me yet but maybe something to aspire to.

What have you learnt this week? #WILTW



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