What I learnt this week: Resolution or Resolve for 2016? #WILTW

This is the 85th #WILTW

A new day, a new year. The archetypal period for reflection in many peoples lives. For #WILTW a chance to reflect on reflection even if this runs the risk of being a little twee.

My server tells me the following have been the most popular postings* of the year

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The original purpose of #WILTW was a record of my own learning though and a couple of posts stand out on reviewing the year. Aside from the blog on burnout, one of the posts I still muse on as being uncomfortable was that of the impact of missed diagnosis. The spectre of being a #secondvictim looms over everyone who works in emergency care. I was struck by my gut reaction of sympathy for the doctor involved in missing a case of serious illness in a child before empathy for the child themselves. It is a reminder to keep a patient focus in the real world of not being able to  achieve 100% perfection in our decision making.


Decision making was a common theme and I didn’t realise I essentially duplicated a post from June “Confirmation bias – the cousin of over confidence” only last week “Avoid a confirmation cock-up this Christmas“. I can only presume this represents the constant potential of this cognitive error on my practice rather than a failure to learn from it!

Finally there was a persistent subtext of trying to maintain enthusiasm and focus in the face of increasing demand on the health care system. My post on burnout touched a nerve with many and I have already made changes which I think have been beneficial to my own resilience. I aim for 2016 then, not to have new resolutions, but the resolve to continue to put into practice what I have learned.

What have you learnt this week (year!) #WILTW

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