What I learnt this week: The importance of being part of a team (Sir Bradley Wiggins says so!) #WILTW

This is the eleventh #WILTW post

Hours after winning a silver medal at the Commonwealth Games Sir Bradley Wiggins gave the following interview to the BBC:


It was a honest account of what the team had achieved in Glasgow. He also noted that he had struggled with the “not-so-niceties” of the highly competitive nature of the Tour-de-France. What stood out for me was his comment about looking forward to returning to being part of a true team. The team pursuit is dependant on everyone, not just a one highly skilled individual.

Emergency Medicine is very similar. When it gets very busy, with large patient volumes and high acuities every health care professional plays a vital part in ensuring patient safety and a quality experience for all. It is that collaborative experience that makes emergency medicine such a fun place to work. I can try and see as many patients as possible but without the health care assistant, nurse, ward clerk and manager all playing their roles it will be a deeply unsatisfying experience. Even during the busiest periods, a quick joke and a smile between members of staff makes a huge difference.

We are one Team

So I’m with Bradley – while the individual reward may be worthwhile in the short term nothing beats a team effort…

What did you learn this week? #WILTW

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