It’s easier to recognise wrong from right #WILTW

This is the 133rd #WILTW

While delivering a presentation at #MedX a member of the audience was taking notes in a different format than usual.

James is a healthcare designer and his visual note taking really appealed to me. He recently visited our children’s Emergency Department and had some amazing insights, both from a design point of view, but also because of his perspective from outside of the healthcare profession

One of his comments:

Kneeling down and reducing your physical size is so important. Witnessing situations where adults didn’t match the child’s eye level made it even more obvious of its importance.

Those working in paediatrics have an instinctive desire to kneel down. Jame’s statement stood out, not because it was new to me, but from his observation how obvious it is when you don’t do it.

While the message in this picture is self-evident


I think this is perhaps more powerful..


The point is maybe obvious but I am struck that it is perhaps easier to recognise when something’s wrong rather than when it is right. We are observed constantly in healthcare; what might have you been remembered for on your last shift?

What have you learnt this week? #WILTW

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