#ASME2012 Favourite Posts

A collection of my favourite tweets from the Association of the study of Medical Education Annual Conference 2012 (I wasn’t there!)

There is a spectrum from technology-enhanced learning to technology-impairing learning #asme2012

Virtual patients: the teaching should drive the technology design rather than the technology driving the instructional design#asme2012

The distinction between content, outcome and process is important in assessing or evaluating performance in medical education#asme2012

“Students want more formative assessment” – how do anecdotes about what this means differ from literature about what this means?#asme2012

@rakeshspatel @atthepage the missing discourse at #asme2012 – theoretical framings of medical education?

MT @andrewspong: Ten reasons why doctors should use Twitterhttp://bit.ly/NIGIuR | STweM #hcsmeu #hcsmin #asme2012 #hcp#meded @amcunningham

@RonanTKavanagh @nlafferty I have read more journal articles via twitter links than i’ve ever read before. #asme2012 ‏@rakeshspatel

@amcunningham model of care should/is moving to consultant delivered care – trainee numbers are going down – the change will come! #asme2012

“@rakeshspatel: Jane Currie … “There will be more reflection at#asme2012 than in a hall of mirrors!”” I stole that from twitter already!

#ASME2012 preliminary findings on virtual patient design indicate students prefer the simpler linear cases to more complex branching ones

#asme2012 when researchers gave professional med student dilemma scenarios to faculty… There was disagreement +++#professionalism

I think the distinction between ‘expert’ and student is a bit over simplistic… What is an expert, and in which realms? #asme2012

@welsh_gas_doc @dr_fiona there are a few talks at #asme2012about use of WBAs and reflection. Am I naive to think improvements can be made?


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