What I learnt this week: Don’t discharge your discharge summary responsibility #WILTW

This is the twenty-first #WILTW

This tweet dropped into my timeline:

It was timely as I had only yesterday spoken to a local GP about a concern he had with a patient discharged from our Emergency Department. I had seen the patient on arrival and had been responsible for their care. Review of the notes by colleagues indicated that my decision making was entirely appropriate and my documentation was coherent. However, in retrospect, my discharge letter did not contain adequate information for the GP to not need to clarify some further details. The conversation was amicable, and useful for both of us I think (direct communication between health care professionals cuts through layers of bureaucracy that a written notification often piles high). Given the increasing attention paid to service pressures being placed on our primary care colleagues adequately explaining decisions we make at the urgent/secondary care interface is vital to maintain communication. This will both foster good relationships and maintain patient safety. I’m mindful that systems don’t always facilitate the production of timely and adequately detailed information between health care professionals. It’s therefore imperative we maximise all opportunities these improve systems regardless of dependance on human or technology factors.

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What did you learn this week? #WILTW

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