What I learnt this week: Learning not to be as busy as a “Backson” #WILTW

This is the tenth #WILTW post

On the long journey to and from our holiday in Wales our girls were entertained with an iPad playing a variety of disney films and Peppa Pig episodes. One of their favourite films is Winnie the Pooh ( 2011)

It features a catchy song about the Backson

Owl:         Christopher Robin has been captured!
[all]:        What?
Owl:        By a creature called “The Backson.”
[all gasp]
All:          Captured by the Backson!
Tiger:     What’s a Backson?

Owl:       A horrible creature! Malicious!
Tiger:     You don’t say.
Owl:       Ferocious!
Tiger:     Fero… ?! Ooh!
Owl:       And worst of all, terribly busy.

(I suspect you’ll find it impossible not to sing along after you have listened a couple a times)

I used to take pride in the fact that I was always busy. A badge of honour almost. Having spent a week away from work and being able to properly relax I realise I have no less work to do now than I did before I left (and probably more). However I am now infinitely more chilled and less stressed about my to-do list.  While I’m unlikely to completely change all my working habits I am going to try an hold on to the image of the ‘terribly busy’ Backson to remind me of the importance of a good holiday 🙂

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What did you learn this week? #WILTW



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