What I learnt this week: Organisation is more than files and folders #WILTW

This is the thirteenth #WILTW

Effective time and administrative management is vital in any leadership position but when part of your job role takes you away from the ‘office’ for potentially significant parts of the working week it becomes even more important. In clinical medicine managing your time away from the shop floor is therefore a vital skill. Although this is becoming increasingly recognised in training programmes, it is still the case that very little time is spent on training health care professionals how to be more efficient and effective in administrative tasks. The Academic Life in Emergency Medicine series: How I work smarter provides some brilliant tips and techniques in this regard. Since writing some of my own thoughts on this subject I have been mulling over how efficient I actually am.

One of the things I have always aimed to keep on top of is my file and folder system, both on my work desktop and home laptop.

Desktop Crowding


That is not a picture of my desktop…. But I do start to get nervous when files start to pile up. One of the light bulb moments I had this week was how much time I was potentially wasting trying to be organised. 

One of the very worst uses of time is to do something very well that need not to be done at all.”- Brian Tracey

Just a small reminder of the ongoing learning that being a new consultant has brought with it. 


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