What I learnt this week: Shared values doesn’t always mean shared vision #WILTW

The fourth #WILTW post…

I’ve been mulling over the reasons why, even in groups of people who get on very well, there can sometimes be discord on direction or strategy. Since the Francis report there has been much written on culture, compassion, shared values and engagement. Less has been actioned to improve these things and less still proven to have made significant change. Why is this? Given the fact that the core essence of what staff do in healthcare is centered on a few key values why can’t we create environments where these shared beliefs are harnessed in ways that inspire improvement in the care of patients and each other.

I attended a session with the #NHSChangeday hubbies this week, and on the same day, a national strategy meeting about improving the management of the deteriorating child. At both groups it was clear the values of the individuals attending were very similar. Converting this into a shared vision of what was needed to achieve the objectives of the group may have been tricky. In very different ways both groups used the core values of those present to remain focused on creating a shared vision. Not always an easy process, but an important method to bring everyone together.  I’m not entirely clear there is one best way to do this but I’m certainly open to experiencing as many as possible.

However it happens given the challenges facing a post-Francis NHS translating values into vision will be an important process.

What did you learn this week? #WILTW

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