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A list of previous #WILTW

188 How long can the NHS be peri-arrest?

187 When aiming to do good does harm

186 The frame of error

185 Educational Professionalism: A 21st Century Competency

184 Single Minute Exchange of… Simulation 

183 Remember the cause as well as the cure

182 Can you measure the science in the art of presenting?

181 Be brave, acknowledge our failings

180 Can you be satisfied with a longer wait? 

179 Peri-Shift Mindfulness

178 Resuscitation Communication: Text or Twitter

177 #helloyournameis mum?

176 Tighten up your safety net

175 Can you over-reach your care?

174 Don’t let your intervention define the diagnosis

173 The Star Wars guide to decision making

172 The ingredients of a great conference

171 What would you tell your younger self?

170 F.E.V.E.R

169. Feel the fear

168. Close to certainty and far from agreement

167. Experience of Care: Parent vs Child

166. Digital Detox

165. A third idea to counter a third ‘type ‘of error 

164. Good questions are as important as good answers

163. Spot the well child, not the ill one

162. The Traffic Light Analogy: Patients aren’t cars

161. You can’t repeat that, I said it in public! 

160. The blood test that causes harm

159. How did you not see that? 

158. Managing risk: Don’t get burnt, a singe will do

157. Statistically, the thing most likely to kill me, is me

156. The Ghost Guideline

155. Why are so many children ill? 

154. An Emergency Department ‘gebrochenrolltreppe” phenomenon

153. Abdominal pain in children: illness vs individual

152. Same Child, Different Room, More Risk?

151. The dangers of Formophilia

150. When experience doesn’t help learning

149. The Helicopter Hover: Counterfeit Cognition

148. Five soft markers of organisation aptitude

147. Dogmalysis or Pragmatogenesis?

146. Do you why the parents are concerned. Why Not?

145. Practice what you preach or preach what you practice?

144. When laughter causes pain 

143. You can’t “Click & Collect” Healthcare

142. If you know what it’s not, it is ok to not know what it is? 

141. A Mental Health 5-a-day

140. With great (digital) power comes great responsibility

139. Failure – likely and visible

138. The three curses of organisational culture

137. Is the #NHS crying wolf?  

136. If the NHS ran Disney

135. Jugaad

134. Don’t Multi-Task, Multi-Think

133. It’s easier to recognise wrong from right

132. The Look

131. Why a coffee replenishes more than just caffeine levels

130. Variation: Is it poor, or just different, practice that frustrates? 

129. Perspective

128. Do nothing without appearing there is nothing to do

127. A pre-mortem to prevent a post-mortem

126. Malignant Meeting Mindsets

125. Do we need Quality Insight rather than Quality Improvement?

124. Feeling meek? The only time you are allowed to CUSS

123. Acting on instinct: Blessing and Curse 

122. Medical Conferences: Time to include everyone? 

121. Unconscious Incompetence at scale? 

120. Does it matter what the public think of doctors? 

119. Should we learn how to make mistakes?

118. Patient care is not sport but should it be funded like it is? 

117. Why does no one answer the phone in hospitals?

116. How not to manage flow (or no more forms please) 

115. Digital Downtime

114. Surprise: When fear collides with joy 

113. Sepsis and Self-doubt

112. Time to embrace a new style of conference

111. Seeing the doughnut instead of the hole

110. The presumed love of a parent: an uncomfortable cognitive bias

109. Failure Fatigue

108. Learning from, rather than on, patients

107. Is our response to failure misplaced in medicine? 

106. Don’t cause unnecessary distress! P.R.E.D.I.C.T before your paediatric procedure

105. Risk and Change: Useful in an Emergency?

104. Filter Failure – not just knowledge overload

103. What healthcare can’t learn from Leicester’s football success

102. Hospital Humour

101. Children’s experience of emergency care as a measure of quality

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