#WILTW 0-100

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A list of previous #WILTW (0-100)

Who are unprofessional professionals?

Should we stop making the complex simple?

Is your powerpoint slide teaching or are you?

Everything worth fighting for unbalances your life

Quality improvement as a clinical skill

The dilemma of the last patient

The seed of doubt

Let’s consider ‘appropriateness’ inappropriate

Oh NHS, you are still sick

Giving those who need the most the least

Intentional leadership is just management

Making sepsis an eucatastrophe

You’re wrong, but does that make me right?

As calm as you are, is as calm as she’ll be

Is quality defined by a standard of care you didn’t expect to receive? 

Resolution or Resolve for 2016 

Avoid a confirmation cock-up this christmas

Should we simulate like spacemen? 

How the #NHS spirit “pulls through”

Patient safety in complex contexts

Maximising the social capital of the NHS

The signs of burnout

Is excitement a return on emotional and physical investment?

The need to improve my social media hygiene

The power of feedback to your face

Can medicine learn from the Television Match Official?

Missed Diagnosis – do we fear for ourselves or our patients?

If you can’t trust oxygen what can you depend on?

The imposition of implication

Can rudeness cause harm?

The amount of night in a night shift

Not knowing what other people know is uncomfortable

The impact of i-phones of doctors’ decision making

5 things specialities don’t understand about “Ed”

Simulating harsh lessons from history

A parents’ view of the world may also be knee high

Don’t just ‘hear’ a symptom and don’t just ‘see’ a sign

Are hearts and brains enough without courage?

How to learn something you don’t understand

Why you need a digital holiday

I am not negotiating the way you think I am

The Poison of Passion

Are you calling for help for you or your patient?

Quality is not one box to tick

Confirmation bias – the cousin of over confidence

Noise from stress or stress from noise?

Not everyone knows how to hold a child

Admission is not the safe option

Learning to live with not always learning

I am gender biased

Still learning, Still training, Still Experiencing

The importance of listening and language

Does time make teams?

Being honest with the trouble with twitter

Maintaining Morale – What movers and medics have in common

Safe checklists versus speedy check-ins

Understanding the patients who may make you angry

You can make a little effort go a long way

Whose change is it anyway?

Patience can be the cruelest of virtues

What estate agents can learn from healthcare

The importance of capacity in system AND self

Bringing two worlds together

Paracetamol – a simple drug with not so simple dosing

Research Resilience

Rejecting the notion of the Emergency Department referral ‘bomb’

Not everything should be open: the value of “Closed Loop Communication”

The real value of Simulation

The Xmas review

The Education in the Observation of Education

 How to get people to alter their typical ‘change’ vintage

Changing your perspective on time allows time to give you perspective on change 

Some uncomfortable truths about insight

Not revealing your grief doesn’t mean you are not hurting

The challenge of learning something new

Am I narcissistic in my enjoyment of emergency care?

The justification of risky behaviour with public or patient safety

Good “Leadership” is tangibly unrewarding but ultimately fulfilling 

The frustrating advantage of being difficult 

Don’t discharge your discharge summary responsibility 

Balancing proper procedure with paediatric passion 

What you see is maybe not what I see? 

Am I really learning..?

The importance of #connectingwith 

Everything is awesome 

#doctorwho would have no difficulty adopting a more managerial role 

#Everybodycounts – really everybody does!

Organisation is more than files and folders

 It’s not what you say it is how you say it

The importance of being part of a team (Sir Bradley Wiggins says so!)

Learning not to be as busy as a “Backson”

 Feel the fear and do it anyway

It’s not you, it’s me

 The Challenge of Compassion

Remember what you loved to do…

Accepting I’m a curator and examiner of knowledge rather than a gatekeeper of it

 Shared values doesn’t always mean shared vision

The power of personal stories 

The importance of ‘shared’ gut feeling

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